Fast and Independent from Manufacturer, we narrow down the number of different machines from more than 60 on the market to just 2-4 systems that are suitable for you to compare.

Non-binding, in writing and within 2 working days. And that’s a promise!”


Stefan Strixner, Chemical Engineer

Experience: 25 years and > 500 cleaning systems installed

Straight to the goal in 5 questions

Why compare cleaning machines with ZESTRON?

Why compare cleaning machines with ZESTRON?

  •            Neutral technical consulting for your cleaning requirements


    With cleaning machines from all major equipment suppliers, our engineering team is intimately familiar with the operation of each and can provide you with recommendations on machine type based on your technical

    and cost-related requirements.


    Also, the ZESTRON engineering team has production experience with ALL of the cleaning machines available on the market, including the latest technology, enabling you to make an informed purchase decision.


    What counts: Deciding on the right machine with the most suitable cleaner for your requirements!

    System comparison at the technical centre in Ingolstadt

  •            System comparison tests under real-world conditions, immediate check of cleaning results

         Process management, handling, then see and compare the results yourself. You can test cleaning systems that are suitable for you together with one of our process engineers using your parts under real-world conditions.


          You measure and check the cleaning results from all tests (ROSE, optionally IR, IC etc.) immediately on site for maximum comparability and result transparency in preparation for decision-making

    Comparative cleaning tests on the selected systems

    Visual analysis with up to 1000x magnification

    Determination of ionic contamination (ROSE and IC)

    Residue analysis

  •            This means maximum reliability for your purchase decision

         You compare the most important cleaning machines and cleaners yourself at a neutral site and only get what you have tested yourself.


         You save time evaluating the procedure because you can test multiple systems and make a direct comparison on the same day.


         You receive a process guarantee including detailed process parameters from us for the machine/cleaner combination that we have recommended.


    This means: Regardless of which machine manufacturer you ultimately select, we guarantee that the results from the tests can also be implemented in your current production.

  •            More about ZESTRON experts and expertise

    ZESTRON has supplied complete solutions for electronic cleaning from a single source for 25 years, and has achieved world market leadership and the trust of many international customers.


    Our experienced ZESTRON process engineers are the backbone of this work. With a large selection of market-proven and innovative cleaning machines in our technical centres and our market-leading cleaning media, which have been specially developed for this purpose, we have already helped more than 4000 customers worldwide by:


         Quickly identifying the right system for their needs


         Performing comparison tests and fixing all of the necessary process parameters


         Implementing the process in production


         Actively supporting the user at all times in the event of technical problems during everyday operations

    Electronic cleaning is our speciality.

    5 of a total of 18 engineers from our application technology department in Germany.

Straight to the goal in 5 questions

SMT circuit boards /


DCB modules /

Power electronics

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Straight to the goal in 5 questions

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With the experience of more than 4000 cleaning systems installed worldwide we can typically recommend 2-4 suitable machines to you on the basis of the following 5 questions, usually within 2 working days.


For questions and support on all aspects of machine selection, cleaning chemicals and surface analytics:

Stefan Strixner

Chemical Engineer


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