Stencils / Screens

5 questions to the goal

In order to narrow down the systems from the different manufacturers that are generally suitable for you in a first step, please answer the following 5 questions. The more precisely you answer the questions, the more accurate our recommendation will be. If accurate information concerning the individual questions is not available to you at present, please provide us with an estimate so that we can narrow down the choices. Multiple entries are possible in this respect.

1. How many stencils/screens would you like to clean in the course of an 8 hour shift?
2. Typical stencil/screen dimensions: (cm x cm)
3. Which contaminant needs to be removed?
4. What dimensions may the cleaning system have? (L x W x H in cm)
5. How much is the estimated budget?
Other criteria, comments, requirements which are particularly important to you:

Items denoted with * are required.


Stefan Strixner
Principal Engineer

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+49 (841) 635 – 31   Stefan Strixner